Due to some bad spots on the body we received a discount on the purchase of our vette. But….. It still needed to be repaired.
Look at the pictures for the ugly spots

Blister at the rear window:

Hole in the left front fender:

Front buper was realy ugly and the former owner has hit a wall or something

Luckily my brother in law is a car painter and therefore we took the chance to do it ourselves.
The goal was to be ready before the Heartbeat Corvette Club openingmeeting at Big Daddy’s Roadhouse in Nieuwegein.

The painting ( more spot-repairs) was done in several steps.

First the ‘spots to be repaired’ were sanded. It is clearly to see the several layers.

We ended at the grey layer of the fender:

The spot at the rear window

I didn’t like the antenna so I got rid of it.

After grinding the hole conically and filling it op with glass fabrics +chopped strad mats and epoxy resin, the hole was filled. The patches at the bottom are smaller in size due to the conical shape of the hole. A conical hole has more surface area to bond to.

When the sanding was done the complete car and part of our garage was shielded with plastic to be sure
the filler is sprayed on the desired places only haha

The final painting was done at work, by Robert, my brother in law.

Painting at work

The front bumperbar supports we sand blasted and repainted. For that I bought a mini sandblasting cabine for my work and played around with it.
It works fine but I need to apply a dust extraction to the cabine to be able to see what I’m doing. Here is a picture of it.

And here is the result:

Doesn’t it look awfully new in this old part surroundings???

The bumper was painted separately and it was a pain in the *%#@@ to get it on again. It was placed on the naked vette just the day before the meeting.

The bumper looks like candy now. Really smooth.

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