Welcome to Stingray 75

We hope that you share the same warm feeling for the corvette as we do. If you are not, then we hope the vettevirus will catch you soon haha.

My goal for this homepage is to keep track of every restoration I’ve done, this could be useful in case my memory has faded.
My second goal and maybe the most important goal: Create a knowledge base with as much technical articles as possible. Every technical info is placed under the restoration section. This is still a topic to be continuously extended.

Feel free to comment on technical articles if needed. By doing the overall knowledge can be increased.

I’ve not worked on my homepage for a long time, and at some point it became corrupt. This Christmas 2020 I’ve converted it from Joomla to WordPress and hope to add new functionalities. Looking at all the pictures again I realised that a lot of work has been done and I need to catch up in documenting and find all the pictures of the work to create new stories.

Check out the repair section and information about our Corvette

Have fun exploring the website!

Last activity DIY Stainless steel exhaust with X pipe